Dallas Willard’s Book, Knowing Christ

I just received my copy of Dallas Willard’s book, Knowing Christ.  It promises to be a difficult but very rewarding read.  I hope my comments which will come from the book will be helpful to my readers.

My readers?  Yes, I am hoping this blog will be a blessing rather than being the bearer of bad news.  This will not be the Samurai.  The Samurai’s purpose was to fight a particular battle.  2LovetheLord will still be involved with confrontation, for the world we live in is hostile and is a confronter to our knowledge and beliefs.  However, the approach taken here will be one of seeking light much more than engaging the darkness.

Also, I am hoping this blog will become one of several linked together to provide a resource for those seeking to follow the way.  I have talked with Rick Davis for several months about moving in this direction.  I now believe it is time.