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A Blessing and the Bikes

We hosted our 4th annual Blessing of the Bikes.  CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) comes to our church, provides special music and carries out the blessing.

The word blessed comes from the German word Blesaud, meaning “to cover”.  The blessing we ask for is to be covered by God’s care.

This service always brings a crowd to our church.  The motorcycle culture is open to spiritual truth.  I believe this is because they have seen the dark side of humanity, have tried the sensual and have come away wanting something better, something more real than that which the senses provide.  Most of them truly have been there and done that.

I love to preach to this group.  They really listen.

If only the church could grasp that every Sunday can be a blessing Sunday if we would seek to touch folks not with the fads of our culture but with the genuine nature of our faith.

Baptist connected.  If you would like to have a Blessing of the Bikes at the church you serve, let me know and I will help you make it happen.

4 thoughts on “A Blessing and the Bikes

  1. Ditto Rick’s remarks. Good to see you back on your own site.

    Christian motorcycle “ministries” (mostly just Christians who get together and goes from there) are really starting to impact even events like Sturgis. Niche? Maybe. But witnessing has mostly always been to those who ‘look like us’.

    Should be a blast and a ‘blessing’!


  2. David,
    There is a Christaian Biker Association club here in Lubbock, I am impressed with there work in many areas of our community and the fun sites and activities they ride to. Check out Mark Martin on FaceBook

  3. I have been amazed at how receptive Bikers are to the gospel as long as it is not attached to the Christian ghetto mentality so many churches have. There is not as much danger of a “niche” ministry like we are seeing with the “cowboy” churches. Bikers just won’t put up with it. Ministry to Bikers means taking church to them. It will not expand your budget nor build Sunday school, but you will find a group of folks will to serve and do things that “regular” church members would not.

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