There is a service I look forward to participating in with the church I serve on Friday of Holy Week.  It is the service of Tenebrae.   Tenebrae means darkness (or shadows).  It is a service of candles, hymns or chants (we used familiar hymn of the cross), Scripture, and progressive darkness.

The service allows the seven last saying of Jesus to take us toward the dark night of the soul, the grave, awaiting with hopes (or even doubts) that the light will come.  It is a powerful witness through participation (sight, sound, touch and taste-the Lord’s supper by intinction, and smell-frankincense) of the agony (passion) and death of our Lord.  It is not high tech, but it is high touch.

The service ends in darkness (ushers with flashlights help folks to leave).

We await Easter morning.  I would love to hear how others of you put together Tenebrae services.