Please Pray

I received this message this morning:

A boy in TJ’s age group at church – whom we have known for years – came up missing this morning. It appears to be gang related. If you know anything of border issues as of late, you know how bad it could be. His mom’s name is Crystal. I covet your prayers for his safety and their family. The boy’s name is Steven.

Tonight I will continue….

Wednesday nights has become a “last stand” for discipleship training (and I do not mean “how to serve on a committee”) in many churches.  It has become a key part of such training in ours.

I have found that it is easier to get relational contacts to come to Wednesday night easier than it is to get them to come on Sunday nights.  The reason I believe is that many shallow, new, or overly familiar Christians are beginning to feel the pressure of the stage of that last days.  It only gets harder from here.

Dallas Willard has pointed out the importance of helping those we serve gain the knowledge of our faith then need to spiritually thrive, especially in times like ours.  What better way to do that than focusing on the teaching and illustration of Jesus.   I have found many, life long church members are amazed at just how much Jesus had to say about the every day struggles we encounter.

I like having a structure to aid in my focus.  This world is filled with enough distractions and “urgent things” without adding to it the chaos having a focus of study and prayer.  So on Sunday mornings I fool the Revised Common Lectionary, Sunday evenings reinforce the key teaching of that sermon, and and Wednesdays, pray intensively and follow a guide to the Teachings and Illustrations of Christ found in the Open Study Bible marketed some years ago by Thomas Nelson.

I would love to hear what others of you have found helpful in Biblical discipleship training?

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Spiritual Disciplines at FarmVille

I got a Facebook account almost 10 years ago.  It was not cool for an adult to have one then so I only visited on rare occasions.

Well, the Facebook generation has grown up and now it is safe for a middle aged guy like me to go on.  My wife also got on Facebook to keep closer in touch with our kids.  Then she found FarmVille and handed the apple to me.  I bit deeply.

FarmVille is a game, a non-violent, only as competitive as you want kind of game.  It promotes interaction with “neighbors” (on-line friend who have agreed to play with you).  This prompted the idea to pray for my ‘neighbors’,  anytime I interact with them (real time or cyber time) online.  This has lead me to develop other disciplines of prayer, or witnessing, and worshiping while playing this game.

If you are interested, I would be glad to share with you other ways I have found of building Christian community on Facebook.