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What do you Do?

What do you do preacher, when the crowds grow smaller and smaller?  What do you do when the money given is less and less?  What do you do when folks will not change and look at you more as a hired hand than the one who stand for their souls?

It will do no good to get angry, God upset enough for all pastors everywhere.  It will not help to side into depression, for this is exactly where to enemy wants you.

It is time for those of us who remember our calling, remember our mission, our passion, to find each other and join together for mutual support.  Not to talk about what church member did what or to see to produce a false bravado of nickels, noses, and happily never after that will not come till Jesus returns.

No, we need to gather to times of prayer, of sharing insights and abilities, and of meeting with those who are not there for themselves but because really do like you.

Another thing that is very helpful.  In ever church and community there is a righteous remnant who will love and support you no matter what.  Don’t let the church proper know who these folks are or else they too will share in your sufferings, but maintain time with them and for them, they will bless your soul.

Hang tough friend.  The times they are a changing.  Perhaps our role is to clean up the mess before the doors are closed.  Perhaps we are the instruments of preparation from the new and enthusiastic will break forth.  Whatever the future, now is the time to hold tightest to our faith.  Amen.

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