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Pornography (Pronia-evil+graphia-symbols)

If you have used the internet, you have most like been exposed to pornography.  It is everywhere.  It is an epidemic.  It is a sign of just how far America has fallen.  The SEC problems with porn are, as one journalist put it, “just the tip of the iceberg”.

It is time to understand that the internet is a public passageway just as are highways and sidewalks.  People travel on the internet to engage other people.  What would happen if a billboard on a major highway was used to advertise a pornographic movie?  In most states this would be criminal.  It is not a issue of freedom of speech.  It is an issue of the public’s right to not have to see material deemed morally offensive.

It is time for law makers to understand our times have changed and to protect the public from internet porn.  No, it cannot be outlawed, but it can be made criminal to allow images to be viewed outside of a paid-for-private site.  As it is now, you can unwittingly type in a harmless word and be shown images that you (if you are a moral person) wish you would not have seen.

I would hope that our CLC would help lead in this fight, but as for now they are too busy riding bicycles thinking they are feeding the hungry.

If the church does not start learning to stand strong (not politically manipulated) and speak out against this addictive evil, then it will only grow and grow.

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