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A Counter Cultural Event

We had a church wide camp out this week.  It was only Friday and Saturday, but I am exhausted.  It was a fantastic event.  It was a counter cultural event.

The church has not helped the family in regard to dealing with the modern social ill called the generational gap.  We take our youth and often put a young, inexperienced person and put them in charge of being a “youth pastor” (I believe I can trace the “worship wars” of the past 30 years to this mistake).  This just isolates the youth more from the experience and wisdom of interacting and fellowshipping with more mature (we hope) believers.

There were no age restriction for this camp out.  We had all generations show up.  There was still the tendency for the kids to try and get off by themselves.  There were still times of tension due to the need for some sense of authority, but over all, it was a great experience of beginning to build bridges without our own church family.  This worked for us (a small church) and it might be  something you might consider.

Texas Parks are awesome and well supervised.   The whole outing cost us (including food) less than $300 for a gathering of around 5o people.  There we many opportunities to talk about Jesus with parents who came but were not yet Christians or church members.  This made the event an outreach as well.

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