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Jesus (Breath) Prayer

There is a prayer that I try and teach to people.  It is a prayer that has been used by the church from it’s earliest expansion.  It is called the Jesus or Breath prayer.  The name Breath Prayer comes from the prayers practice. This prayer was made to pray as one breathes.  It is a simple prayer that goes:

Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God

Have mercy on me
a sinner

The first part is prayed as one breathes in.
The second parts is prayed as one breathes out.

It is a very effective prayer in times of distress or anxiety. It puts things in their proper perspective. It declares in whom we believe and what our greatest need is.

It is a prayer that helps me as a pastor make it day by day.

I find that it is an exceptionally effective prayer to guide folks in the hospital to pray. It does not take up much of their energy in concentration and it provides a wonderful calming effect as a person lets the words flow with each breath. I encourage you to use this in your hospital visitation. I believe you will find the folks you visit will be very appreciative of it.

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