Praying the Scripture

The Gospel passage for this week in Revised Common Lectionary is Luke 18:9-14.  The following is a recasting of this passage into a personal prayer.

Lord of Grace and Master of Love,
I beg You hear my prayer.
Please protect me from myself
When I allow arrogance to arise.
Please convict me to remember
I am a sinner saved by Your grace.

Lord, let me not depend on my efforts
to live a Spirit lead life,
but instead let me depend on You
and your mercy
continually as I live the life
You have given to me.

Lord, help me not to have contempt
for those with whom I struggle.
Instead let me pray for them
to be drawn close to You.

Lord help me be like the tax collector
while understanding
I am all to often the Pharisee.
I confess my sins to you.