A Prayer from the Great Cloud of Unknowing

In the theologically and mystically intense writing known as the Great Cloud of Unknowing I found a prayer I want to be my prayer for this day.

O my God, I thank You that You have kindled in me a desire and a longing for a closer walk with you.
I would be Your servant, a very special servant belonging to you. Help me to live so close to You and learn so well of You that I may love You with my whole heart and mind and soul and strength, to the glory of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

In a time in which many people hide behind the word anonymous to protect themselves, the writer of Cloud of Unknowing remained anonymous not to protect himself/herself but to keep the focus on God.

Our culture is entering a dark, dark time.  Our worship is more consumer oriented that seeking the pleasure of our Creator.  Discipleship has become a lost art.  In such times, it is a gift of grace to be drawn back toward the mystery, majesty, and desire of God for us.