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A Friday Night Wedding

This evening, I have been asked to guide a couple in sharing their vows to God and one another.  Tonight they are taking the steps to be joined legally as husband and wife.  It is their desire to have the wedding in a local park.

The couple both have children.  They want to include the children in the wedding.  In their vows, they want the children to hear that both parents are committed to loving them.   This is the first time I have had a couple directly ask me to include the children in their vows.

The weather tonight may be stormy.  If it is, the couple will not be able to have their wedding in the park.  I told them they could bring the wedding party to the church.  They were delighted.

I am so glad the church I serve is so open to allowing those in the community to use our buildings.  We do not charge for people to use our facilities.  The membership believes as I do that the church should not be in the rental business.  Our church really does want to be a shelter when the storms of life (physical, emotional, and spiritual) come.

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