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Romans 7

There is a painful reality we live with.  It is the reality of our own repeated failures.

Try as we will our efforts are just that, our efforts.  Our efforts will always be limited by our finiteness.   Our efforts will, no matter how hard we try, still face the reality that we are sinners and we will sin.

Romans 7 is a special gift from God.  Romans 7 reminds us of nature we are born with and the grace which holds us in spite of the continual influence of our shadow, our dark side.

Praying through Romans 7:15-25 can be a powerful way to repent and return again to our dependence up Jesus for our justification.

Gracious Lord and forgiving God,
I do not know why I continue to defy You
and do those things I know are wrong.
I know they are wrong
because You have told me so
in Your word and in my heart.
I do know how easy it is for me
to give in to temptation
so I know that sin is still a powerful force
in my life.
I want to do what is right,
but time and time again I fail.
These failure weigh me down with guilt
and shame.
It is a war that is fought every moment
as long as I live in this present reality.
My heart,
stubborn as it is,
still cries out to You.
Thank You
My Savior, my Lord, my forgiving God
for loving me so much
and giving me the grace to continue
to seek You and the life You give.

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