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God intends for us to have a day of rest.  The method of rest has been debated about as much as any religious topic.

Today is my rest.  I rest by doing things I need to do without the rush and tension of a work day.  The slow pace allows me time to breath and practice.   On Fridays I wear jeans.  On Friday I do chores at home.  On Friday I even rest by giving the dog a bath.   But also, on Fridays ,  my awareness of God working around me increases and I reflect on the reality of prayer reaching people!

The text for Sunday keeps me company.   Fridays are often a walk in the garden with the Word.  My feelings toward the final unveiling grow.  Even so, our Lord is building the confidence of his own.

My rest comes in the mundane yet important, in the slow, unhurried mindset of doing those things I enjoy without the pressure of a “hobby”.   My rest, I am always reminded, is on a battlefield.  Even in rest one must be ready.

God is in this rest.  He overtakes temptation and gives strength and focus to those he loves.

This is my Friday prayer:

I ask you for rest.

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