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A Possibility of a Grant

I have been working on learning how to write a grant. I want to write for a grant for funds to help churches go green and utilize wind power technology to help cut down on the energy costs. I have come across what may be an excellent product to do just this.


Currently, you cannot get this particular system in Texas. I am hoping to find a way to do so. This particular product could be mounted on the steep roofs many churches have. it could also be used on a steeple without changing the symbolism of a steeple that much.

What I am hoping for is to get an organization like Texas Baptist Men or some other construction-oriented ministry to get trained to do the instillation and then have the churches pay for the cost out of the money they would save. Within a short period of time, once the money is paid back to help other churches, the church with the system would have more money to use for ministry. This could really be helpful to small churches.

If I am trying to get a grant to do this, why blog about this idea? Isn’t it a possibility that some else will get the grant? It does not matter who get the money if the goal is obtained. It is time we seek to build the Body rather than just our own nests.

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