A Baptism Hymn

We used this hymn Sunday and it went over very well.

Baptism Hymn
(to the tune of Jesus Loves Me)

Jesus came to John that day
Saying this is the Father’s way
Into the Jordan He did go
The way of righteousness to show


Yes, He was baptized
Jesus was baptized
We should be baptized
When by His grace we’re saved

John in wonder asked him why
For your sandals I’m unfit to tie
You’re the one we’ve waited for
To bring God’s kingdom forever more

Jesus went below the wave
A symbol of the hurtful grave
As he came up  dripping wet
The hope of resurrection now as set

Down the Holy Spirit came
Bringing glory to Jesus name
God declared this is my Son
Now we should do what he has done.

Author: David Montoya  1/7/2011