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A Late Start, A Familiar Passage

The is an old cliche’ among preachers, “Sunday comes whether you are ready or not.”

Holidays are wonderful, but if you take off and enjoy them, you have one less day to get ready for Sunday morning.

The Gospel for this week is Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23.  This is the parable of the sower (soils) and the interpretation Jesus gives for it.  This is one of most widely known of Jesus parables.  This makes it a challenge because of another cliche’, Familiarity breeds contempt.”

There are one significant textual issues concerning this passage found in verse 9.  The inclusion of the infinitive in the later text would seem to indicate a scribal addition not found in the earliest text.  The infinitive indicates an ability on the part of the hearer, without the infinitive the emphasis is on the present imperative “to hear”.

It is in the hearing of the Good News, the proclamation of Jesus, that one is given the ability to hear.  The command to hear is a call to listen to Jesus.  In listening to Jesus the opportunity to understand comes.

How many times have we heard testimonies from individuals socialized into a different faith perspective or lack of faith perspective, coming to an understanding of who Jesus is, was, and will be not on the basis of their understanding, but of the power within the message itself.  It is this focus on the command to hear that the familiar moves from shallow to deep, from the comfortable to the convicted.

Good place to start from……

Even though this passage is ‘familiar”, it is rich with theological insights and profound material for spiritual reflection.

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