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Focus on the Lawn, Not the Weeds

In our lectionary study group, one of the participants told this story:

Every Spring my wife becomes concerned about the lawn.  She worries about the weeds.  My response to her is this: if we focus on fertilizing the lawn, making sure it is thick and strong, the weeds will not have a chance.

Too often, the weeds get the focus in the church.

Good illustration for use with the parable of the wheat and tares.

Another participant shared a quote from a family member who is also a minister:  The greatest waste of a person’s life would be to spend hours and hours in church service only to find out they never were really were part of God’s Kingdom.

Sunday’s sermon needs to bring up a warning about false security in the church (without manipulation or guilt peddling).

Last point (also from the study):  How many times do we focus not on who is involved, but who is not.   God often uses a remnant when the rest of the focus put their attention elsewhere.

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