We are Jesus Treasure

Very good and productive lectionary study group yesterday.

Key points and ideas:

1) In the parable of the leven and mustard seed, both the yeast and the birds would carried negative baggage.  The Kingdom of God would not be what Israel wanted politically or religiously at that time.  The Kingdom of Heaven will be what God brings, not what we want or demand.

2) If one look at the parable about the treasure in a field or the pearl of great price from the perspective of Jesus, we are the treasure Jesus found and would give everything (his life) to obtain.

3) If one focus on verse 52 (as I intend to do) understanding that the Old Treasurer and the New Treasure require an understand that comes from discipleship.  The Scribe has knowledge, but for the knowledge to be valuable it must be set in the context true knowledge.  This knowledge come from Jesus.

God is so Good!