Lectionary Text for this Week: Matthew 21:23-32

We were down in our lectionary study group this week.  Still, it was a blessing.  This group of pastors from differing denominations has really blessed me and help me regain focus in the purpose of my calling.

Which brings me to this week’s text.

I have decided to go with the sermon title:  Whose Child Are You?

The parable of the two sons brings up so many issues within the community of faith.

How did the leaders at the time of Jesus get into a spiritual state that they were in?  How do we get into the spiritual states we get into!  One of the comments on this text that I read quoted John Calvin:

“That is an evil mind which, in a Holy subject, does not look at the truth but assumes what serves its purpose.”

By what authority, was the question thrown at Jesus.  Religion relies on authority of position and prestige.  Religions seeks to produce the convenient conscience.  This is what Jesus disrupted.

Of course the question was a trap.   The insanity of trying to trap God.

Two sons are asked to do something.  One says he won’t but he does.  Why did he change his mind.

The one who said we would but did not, what happened?

Relationships of love produce times of reflection and correction often leading to a change of response.  I believe this is the answer to what changed the one who said he would not be then did.  Relationships of love develop commitments.

I am still seeking answers as to why one would say they would but then do not.  Then again, as a preacher, I have people do this to me on a regular basis.  It has almost become expected.

You hear a promise,”I will be there Sunday.”  When Sunday comes, they are not.

This seems to be a reality in religion.