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The Gospel Passage for this Week: Matthew 23:1-12

Two thoughts taken from Lectionary commentaries begin my thinking this week:

Titles are not the problem so much as the overblown importance with which some holders invest them.

Greatness is manifest in service and in the economy of God.  The humble, those who maintained integrity in life and avoid showiness in leadership , will finally be exalted.  (This on is from the book, Text for Preaching A, and the former from Fuller & Westberg’s commentary)

I am deeply concerned about the lack of theological interest in the pew and the seductive power of the desire to “culturally relevant” with the ranks of the clergy.  I am afraid the denomination I am now affiliated is perhaps among the worst.

Now, having said that, who am I to make such a judgment!  I am one called.  One who handles the Word and deals with the effects of our consumer culture.  I am one who has faced the wrath of pulling the curtain back.

This weeks message must be carefully crafted to help listeners understand their responsibility to move beyond the current corruption in the church and to be guardians of the faith handed down to us.    Hopefully, I will have time to write more about this, along with the insight pick up from the lectionary study group I attend tomorrow.

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