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A Time for Everything

Human beings change.  As hard as change can be it is still a fact of life.  Time changes us.  Life changes us.  God changes us.  The only reality that does not change is the character of God.

Those who seek to know God, to serve God, to love God must be willing to embrace change.  While there is often comfort in consistency it tends to foster complacency.  Complacency is perhaps on of the greatest hindrances to deepening faith and greater intimacy with our Lord.

God is bring change to my life.  It is a change I am embracing with both excitement and fear.  The excitement comes from the opportunities and possibilities this change will bring.  The fear comes from the obstacles and challenges that come from the burdens of the past and the problems of the residual memories that attempt to create doubt in the facing of unknowing.  I am trusting the Lord to drive out this fear by leaning on his revealed love.

Following Jesus is a wonderful adventure.  He guides us, imperfections and all, toward the promises which God has made available through faith.  He refreshes through circumstances and revives through situations.  It is so good to be loved by the Lord.

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