Lectionary Passage for April 22: 1 John 3:1-7

Adolphe Monod wrote: “We have always lived in an atmosphere so saturated with sin on this earth that drinks iniquity like water and eats it like bread, that we no longer know how to discern the sin that engulfs us from every side.”

John calls the church to face this challenge by focusing on the gift of our status in Jesus and in our destiny promised in this gift.  This is our hope. 

This hope purifies.  It is the hope of grace.  It is hope that grows stronger as we focus on God’s love for us shown by Jesus.  It is a hope that must be grounded in trusting God.  It is deeply relational and is expressed in a committed faith.

This hope will be the center of our worship intent as we, children of God, await His return.