Lectionary Study 1 John 4:7-21 (continued)

We try to hide from things we fear.  We seek to be available to what we love.

Our culture seeks to hide/avoid the things of God.  People do not want to believe they are accountable to God.  Even Christians have to struggle with this cultural corruption.  It is easy to escape into the busy things provided by the immediacy of this life and to push aside the work of developing the faith, the discipleship we are called to pursue.

Fast food is easier than eating healthy.  Categorized Christianity, idolizing doubt, pursuing pleasure is easier than making the commitment to the depth of love.  In our world relationships are recreational.  In the Kingdom of God, living relationship are reality.  God IS love and God does love us and deeply desires to dwell with us and in us.

John reminds us that God’s love that comes from his nature, the love which offers grace, is an event that breaks into our world and provide confidence and security.

Wow, God is so good!