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A Mother’s Day Litany

Mother’s Day Litany

I have not had much time to blog this past week.  I am winding down my work at my present place of service and preparing the folks for  my departure.  Ten years is a long time.

However, I do want to share this litany we will be using tomorrow:

Mother’s Day Litany

Leader:  Lord, your word says, “Honor your mother.”

People:  Lord help us to obey in attitude and action.

Leader: Lord, in the pain of childbirth we enter this world.  It is in labor we were brought forth.

People: God, we gave thanks for the gift of life we have been given and for mothers who carried us and through whom our physical birth came.

Leader: Lord, no parent is a professional and all mothers make mistakes.  Yet, the gift they have given is greater than any of this.

People: Lord, we pray for mothers and for wisdom and strength, direction and patience, mercy and hope.

Leader: Lord, a mother’s love is a treasure, a mother’s faith a source of strength.

People: Dear God, we praise you for your plan.  We praise you for our homes. May we listen to your word and be faithful.

Leader: God’s word says, “Honor your mother.”

People: We hear Lord and will obey.  Amen.

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