The Excitement of a New Direction

I am less than a month away from beginning my service to a new family of faith.  I am filled with excitement and anticipation.  God has given me a new sense of optimism and hope.

This new direction in my spiritual journey and calling has developed out of crisis and reflection.  It is a direction revealed only after prayer, research, confirmation and having God open one door after another.  I have no doubt God has opened this door and as such will bless me in ways I cannot even imagine as I make this change.

I begin this change not with a Pollyanna-ish perspective, but from a perspective enabled by years of experience, tempered and seasoned through storms and challenges.  I understand the field of service will be one of testing and struggle.  We do fight a spiritual fight. I understand I must prove myself as God validates what I do.  I understand the expectations will be high.  I also understand that the support structure I am entering and the theology I am embracing offers many, many more opportunities and possibilities than I have ever had before and I am so thankful to God for the illumination I am now following.

God is so good!