The Power of the Spirit

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  It is also Memorial Day Sunday.  In Memorial Day, we remember sacrifices and services of the past.  We reflect on relationships with those who have gone beyond the veil and now fully know what we await.

In Pentecost we celebrate the power of promise.   We rejoice in the presence.  We reflect upon the purpose given to those of us who hold the hope in Jesus.  Pentecost is the birth of the church.  It is giving of the gift and gifts which this world cannot give.  It is a reminder of baptism and connection of communion.  It is a day of rejoicing.

A day of rejoicing and respect.  What a wonderful combination for worship.

*A personal note:  What a gift God has given me.  What an exciting hope and renewed desire I have been blessed with.  Last night I met with six people who have accepted a responsibility in which I will be intimately involved.  I could not ask for this intimacy to be in better hands.  God is so good.