Trinity Sunday

Today in our worship the focus was on the truth of the Trinity.  This doctrinal foundation is more than just a theological teaching.  It is a revealing reality that is a mystery.  It is mystery which offers the opportunity to live in accord with reality.  It is a call to faith.  Faith is a call to trust.  Trust leads us to deeper love for God.

The OT passage for today is Isaiah 6:1-8.  This passage reminds us of the holiness of our God.  It is this understanding of holiness, of perfection, that consumer Christian culture tends to downplay.  It does not market well.  Holiness calls us to responsibility.  Responsibility interferes with convenience.  However, responsibility is reality, convenience is often merely a passing pause in the situation of life.  It is a big mistake to make this our goal.

The doctrine of the Trinity reminds us that God was perfect before we came along.  God was not lonely.  We exist because of a plan founded in love that is still beyond our ability to comprehend.  Still, some day will will and those who take this teaching seriously will be so glad they did.