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Boxes, Books, Boxes, More Boxes and Blessings

I feel a bit guilty.  I wonder how many trees gave their lives so that I might have enough boxes to move.  Many of the boxes are boxes we salvaged (and yes there are a lot of wine boxes and no I did not buy or consume the contents).  I have moved so many boxes that my arms want to stay in a robot-like position.

And then there the books that have filled many of the boxes.  I love my books.  My books are my friends until I have to move them and then they become the enemy!  However, as soon as they are back on the shelves we will be a contented community again.

As I was packing my office I came across pictures, notes, and gifts that I had been given by members over the years.  These pieces of the past invoked memories of blessings and the joy of serving God.  I can hardly wait to begin building new memories and relationships which God will bring our way as we are allowed to serve the new community of faith I have been blessed with.

It is so much easier to unpack than to pack!

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