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There is Usually a Humbling Moment

When God confirmed a new direction in my life, I immediately set out a plan on how the transition would take place.  I planned to accomplish certain things by a certain date.  I made check list, put reminders on a calendar, and also had contingency plans in case there were unforeseen problems.  There are always unforeseen problems.  

Needless to say, my flawless plan did not materialize as I intended.  I did not accomplish all the things I planned to accomplish.  I did not meet all my deadlines and discovered that the things I could easily do years ago are a lot harder to do now.  Even my “contingency plans” proved that Murphy’s Law could care less how well you have planned.

However, as hard as these last few days have been there has been a brightness, a confirmation, that makes the pain and problems pale in comparison.  This brightness is the support, affirmation, and genuine expectation of our arrival I have received from the family of faith I now have the privilege to serve.  Whereas the problems of the preparation for the journey have been humbling, the expression of love, offers of help, and support already provided by God’s people have been even more humbling (in a very positive way).

Thank you Lord.  Help me with my fears, my fatigue, and please smile and bless the good people who you have already used to bless me.   

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