God Never Said It Would Be Easy

I had forgotten how physically demanding and exhausting a move can be.  Add to that exhaustion the mental strain of everything that needs to be:  remembered, filed, paid, purchased, organized and accomplished.It is easy to start having a pity party.  Throw in a crisis and some emotional blows and you can really feel you are in the pits.

But then, I opened up a box which contained a crown of thorns like the one which was placed on my Lord’s head and suddenly I do not feel I have any real reason to complain.  God never said this life would be easy.  In fact, the Scripture makes it quite clear that life will bring challenge after challenge.  We have the choice of letting this overcome us or letting God take us through it.  I am seeking with all my heart the latter.

My pet dog was severely injured on this move.  I do not know if he will survive.  He has been a wonderful friend to me.  His pain hurts me deeply.  I find myself praying for him often.  I am also praying that the Lord will lead a buyer to purchase our house.  I am praying for my wife to get a teaching position.  I am asking a lot of my Lord.  At  times I feel like I am asking too  much (not that the Lord could not provide, but a feeling of  my being selfish).

I also give thanks.  I am thankful for my new place of service.  I am thankful for my new support structure.  I am thankful for all God has done for me.  I feel these prayers are drawing me closer and are giving me renewed perspective on the purpose the Lord has for us in this life.  I am so grateful.

God never said it would easy.  He did say He would be with us, even to the end of the age.