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Re-Examining the David and Goliath Story

The OT lectionary text for this Sunday is from Samuel 17.  It is the account of David and Goliath.  This an OT story often covered in a child’s years of Sunday School.  It is a story of courage.  It is a story faith.  It is also a story of immaturity and the providence of God in spite of human actions.

The problem of dealing with a text like this is that it is so familiar and has such an ingrained history of common interpretation that people can believe it has no real application for their lives today.  Yes, a preacher can use analogy and allegory but again, with such a familiar story, it is easy for listeners to quickly file what is being said into the “been there heard that before” mental file.

The passage is a gateway passage.  In its complexity we might find not only God interacting with his people, but Satan working as well.  There is a seeming righteousness in this story that in fact may have brought much heartache and grief to the hero.  If this is the case, this passage is a warning and an assurance that has a direct application in our lives today.  This is especially true in a secular election year when many will use try and use God and His Word for their own ends.

More to come in days ahead.

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