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David and Death

Our Old Testament lectionary passage for this week comes from 2 Samuel chapter 1.  It deals with the death of Saul and Jonathan.  It is an account of grief.  It is a story of one’s love for one’s enemies and the grief of losing one’s closest and dearest friends.

It is not easy to love one’s enemies.  It is hard enough to forgive someone who has hurt you but to actually love an enemy moves us into the deep waters of God’s grace.  To be able to truly love one’s enemies is evidence of the strength of the Holy Spirit indwelling us.

In the lectionary passage, David expresses true grief and sorrow at the death of Saul.  Saul had tried to kill David.  Saul made David a fugitive and brought suffering into David’s life.  In spite of this, David still honored Saul.  David cared about Saul.  David shows why he is called a man after God’s own heart.

This coming Sunday is Communion Sunday.  In communion we remember our Lord and how he died for us.  He died for us willingly out of love while we were still enemies of God.  Perhaps, in our remembering, we will be moved to be more like the Lord who loved us and seek to be one who can let God help us love our enemies.

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