The Blessings of a Small Church with a Big Heart

I am reading a book in which the author makes the statement (paraphrased): a pastor could do well spending his whole life serving smaller churches.

I would add to this the following: a pastor can be happy, loved, and spiritually blessed spending his life in the service of a small church family.

In an age where so many “churches” have focused on finding a marketing “niche” in order to feel successful it is quite refreshing and a real blessing to find a family of faith that is confident in their identity as a smaller church.  It is not that they are against growing.  They do want to grow and have.  They reach out and are supportive of the new members God sends their way.  They want to be effective and efficient in their service to their Lord.  However, they understand that in a town of only a few thousand people, they will not be a mega-church nor do they feel they must “market” themselves in order to carry out the mandates of our Lord.

I am thankful for the church I now serve.  It is a joy to watch them as they greet one another on a Sunday morning.  They know each other’s names.  When a visitor is present, they introduce themselves and take an honest interest in the individual.  In this church they celebrate each other’s gifts and seek to give their best of themselves.  When church ends, the vast majority do not hurry out the door, but they stay and linger and enjoy each other’s presence.

As a pastor, this is a new experience for me.  It is a blessing to be with such a people.  It is a blessing to serve a small church with a big heart!