When Young People Listen, Participate, and Help Teach

The most amazing thing happened Monday night.  We had 6 young people come to our youth night.  This is not what was amazing.  What was amazing is that we spent 70 minutes in a Bible study that went by so quickly and had so much participation that we didn’t have time for games AND NO ONE CARED!

We did not not feed them.  We did not entertain them.  We studied with them and they had some excellent insights to share.  What was the topic?  Learning how to share your faith using Romans 6:23.  We only got as far as BEGINNING the discussion on the seventh word in that verse.  I was blessed.

Yes, we are going to take the youth on a trip to Six Flags.  Yes, they know if they attend Bible study they get a discount, however, I don’t think that was the reason the study was so good and so inspiring.  I believe it is because there are some young people in this community who really want to know more about the Lord.

Now not all these kids will come to our morning worship.  Some go to other churches and I will not try to get them to switch.  Some of them will come to our church and join with our family of faith.  Some of them are already part of our family.  I believe (if the study and prayer afterward are any indication) that they will be bringing their friends.

Oh, by the way, I do not believe that young people are the church of the future.  I believe they are the church of today.