A Time to Learn, A Time to Discover

I will spend this week in a learning environment.  God has blessed me the the opportunity to gather with others who have received the call of God in their life to the office of clergy.  I will join with others in a learning experience gear toward helping us serve in the Christian heritage God has lead us.  I have no doubt God will bless me through this.

Why does God call some people to be ministers?  Why does he pick who he picks?  This is one of God’s mysteries we will only understand when we enter into the time beyond the current veil.  It is not because we are better people.  It is not because we are superior in any way.  God picks who he picks for his particular reasons.  It is not a profession one can chose.   It is an awesome responsibility and one in which God will hold the minister accountable not just for his own life, but for the lives of others as well.

I am grateful our denomination (and I now call it ours because I have been so wonderfully accepted) for being so strict about this training.  It is needed now more than ever.  I will work to glean what I can from this time.