The Question is Why and A Good Question it Is!

A small child often continually asks, why.  They do this because they want to understand.  They want to learn.  If they ask you why it means they believe you know more than they do and believe you can help them with answers.

Too often, as we grow older, we lose that willingness to ask why.  Maybe we feel that if we ask why we are showing our ignorance.  Maybe we feel embarrassed because we believe we should know.  Maybe we have been discouraged in asking or believe there may be consequences for our asking.

There are many things we do in church out of ritual.  Ritual is not a bad thing unless it is done out of ignorance.  Sometimes there are things we need to change.  However, if we push for change and people do not understand why there most likely will be conflict.

I believe we live in a time in which we need to make it OK to ask the question why frequently and without fear.  I believe it is a question that we need to adopt for everything we do in the church.  It believe it is a question we must ask and not assume people know the answer.  I know it is a question I am going to strive to ask myself on a daily basis.  Why do we do what we do.  I believe the Holy Spirit will help provide the answer.