The Strength of Our Weakness

Tired, I am so tired.  The last time I set this long was the time I flew from Antarctica to California as a passenger on a cargo plane.  On second thought that was only 48 hours of almost continual sitting.  This week has far passed the 48 total!

However, even though I am tired, I am also thankful.  I am thankful that this is required of those who would serve in our denomination.  I am glad it is this extensive and intensive.  I do feel blessed to have been a part of this week of listening and learning.

When we are weary and tired we have an opportunity to face our weaknesses.  When we face our weaknesses we have the opportunity to realize just how much we need God to be our strength.   There was another student who gave us all wrist bands. These bands state:  God is big enough.

God is big enough to meet any need we might have.  He is big enough to care our pains, our fears, our doubts, our angers, and any other weakness.  It is God’s “big-ness” that ultimately is our strength.  Sometimes we need to experience weakness to be reminded of this.