I have not put up a blog in a while.  I have been busy writing papers (I have a very intensive class I am getting ready for) and I have been doing my best to be a pastor to the new flock the Lord has given me watch over.  However, I received the post from a friend and decided this would be a good place to share it.

So football season is here and as I write this my season has started.  For those of you who don’t know this about me, I am a Football Official with the Fort Worth Chapter of Football Officials.  I love football for the following reasons:

 There is the team concept that the players are taught.

There is physical discipline in conditioning and controlling a players own actions on the field.

There is the intense physical competition between the big “uglies” in the trenches.

There is the skill sets displayed by the players who handle the pig.

There is the mental gamesmanship displayed between players and coaches.

There is the drama of who is going to win the game (will the better team win? -not always)

There is the energy from the crowds the players and coaches feed on.

There is the individual glory a player garners because of his physical gifts.

There is the learning to handle winning and losing gracefully.

 I enjoy the competitive atmosphere on the field. I firmly believe for these reasons and many more men love the game of football.  There are lots of life lessons we can take from a sport like football. 

 Football for me means getting physically ready for a long season (I will call about 75 games this year “I discipline my body like an athlete”).   I will study the rules book as well as the Officials Field Mechanics Manual (the mental preparation “…get your minds ready for action…”).  I have to work with the other Officials on the field as a team to make sure we are covering our zones properly to be in position to make the right calls (like how the body of Christ works together).

 I find that my preparation for the football season generally mirrors my preparation as a soldier for Christ. C.S. Lewis said “Christianity is a fighting religion”.  I recently read that as a leader we are to be “Defenders of the Faith”.  I am to be prepared for any circumstance with the knowledge of having the scriptures “buried in my heart” for instant recall to disarm the “enemy” or encourage someone in need.  I may be called to help someone that needs physical assistance at any moment.  I am to be ready to answer the call my heavenly Father might send my way at anytime.   

Enjoy the football season!

Joseph M. Silvas