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What Kind of Faith

I have studied the book of Job in seminary, lead classes on it, and preached through the entire book one year.  The lectionary passage for this week is one I have preached on at lest three times before.  Yet, as I again read text again I once again find that one cannot exhaust the Word of God because it is a living Word to us that gives insight and instruct as life changes around us.

As I read and re-read the passage, I am again amazed at the heart of Job and the commitment he has to his faith.  I cannot help but feel fear and desire as I read this passage.  The desire is that I might have the faith and endurance that Job had.  The fear is two-fold.  First, fear having to face what Job faced.  I could care less about the wealth, or even having to face a disease, but to lose ones family or to see the faith of my wife challenged is a pain to be dreaded.  Second, I fear I would not have the strength in my weakness that Job had.

This passage makes one think about the kind of faith we possess.

I think I have found my sermon topic and title.

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