When God Seems Distant

As I look out the window of my study this morning I cannot see the sunrise.  It is a blessing to see the sunrise in the morning.  The reason I cannot see the sunrise is because  there is a heavy blanket of fog.  Does this mean that the sunrise is not there (rhetorical question)?   Of course the sunrise is still there.

There are times in our lives (even in the life of the most devoted Christian) when God seems distant, hidden, and perhaps even unresponsive to our prayers.  There are times when we search for God and we feel that God is hidden.  The key word is feel.  God is not distant.  God is with us.  God loves us.  God has given and gives us grace.  Feelings are what they are, feelings. Faith is what is real.  God is what is real.

The lectionary passage for this week deals with Job facing the feelings of perceiving that God is hidden from him.  It is a painful process.  Still, Job does not give up.  Job has depth of faith to carry him through the fog that he now faces.

Even as I write I see a bright round ball begin to break through the fog.  The sun is saying good morning.   The fog will lift, even the spiritual fogs we often face in our lives.  God is always there.