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Preparing for Lent

Lent began in the early church as a time in which candidates for baptism went through a time of training (catechism) in preparation for their baptism.  For us today Lent is a time of worship and remembrance of our Lord’s journey to the cross.  It is a time of preparing our hearts for the joyous celebration of Easter.

One aspect of Lent is that is often misunderstood is the practice of “giving something up”.  In reality what we are doing is entering into a fast.  A fast (as a spiritual discipline) is not so much about “giving up” as it is in giving time and focus to our Lord. In the forty days prior to Easter (not including Sundays because Sundays are days of celebration not fasting) when one enters into a Lenten fast that is intended to draw our focus on our need and dependence upon our Lord.  This is why we we abstain from should be something that will draw our attention to why we are fasting.  If all we are doing is “giving something up” then our fast really has no meaning.  A Lenten fast is a means of grace.  It is not the act of fasting that has power, but our trusting and focusing on God during this time that makes us open to his grace.

During this upcoming Lenten season I will be posting a Lenten daily devotional.  This post will be an invitation to join with me in seeking to develop a preparatory attitude as we journey toward Easter.

Grace and Peace

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