The Third Sunday in Lent – A Gathering on the Journey

Today we gather to worship.  Today we come together before our God.  What mindset and attitude will we bring with us?  Is today something to be endured?  Is today something that causes excitement?  Is today something that we do out of habit?  Is today and opportunity to renew our hope.

The spiritual perspectives and provisions of this day will not depend upon the technical aspects of the service.  It will not depend on the skill or lack there of skill of the preacher.  It will depend upon the heart I/we bring to offer to our Lord.

Today we will pray.  Will we pray with confidence?  Today we will sing.  Will we seek to sing or sing to our God?  Today we will give.  Will our giving (or not giving) be out of guilt, out of greed, out of manipulation or out of love for our Lord?  We will come together with others.  Will we come and look down on those who we think we are better than?  Will we come critical and confrontational or perhaps with an apathetic orientation toward others who come?  Or, will we come excited and anticipating how others gifts will bless us and how others needs can be met by us.

The journey of Lent is one of awareness.  Let us be aware today as we have the opportunity to once again gather on the beginning day of the week, the day our Lord defeated sin and death and rose for the purpose of bringing us back to the God who loves us one and all.