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Journey to Awareness Lent Day 17

NIV Matthew 18:14  In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost.

The life of Jesus on this earth was a life committed to the will of the Father.  His mission was to be the way, truth and life for all of humanity.  Before the incarnation, faith was founded on what was to come.  All of the Scripture was given to reveal what the incarnation, the reality of God becoming human, would mean.  Even those who have or had never heard of the Hebrews, of Israel, of Jesus, or of the church have had a questioning need, an adequate revelation of the need for faith and a calling to have hope of divine love outside of themselves.

Isaiah 55:8  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

Lent brings us back to the reality of human need for faith.  It again shines the light upon what was done for our salvation.  In Lent the story of Jesus is retold for the purpose of penitence and preparation.  We are reminded of our time of being lost and how God has reached out to us in grace and love.

The church that was called to be a gather of the body of Jesus to be in fellowship with God and continue the work of the Father in reaching out is in deep trouble.  The biggest concern of the church is our shrinking numbers and focus on financial survival.  If this is all we are then we have set Jesus back to the tomb.

New programs will not change our current crisis.  The successes the world cannot be the foundation of how the church seeks success.  What is needed is a return to the reason for the incarnation and the reality of the resurrection.  We must talk about the things of God.  We must crave the discussion of living with the Word.  We must pray with intention and persistence that we not falter in the opportunity we have to be Jesus presence to others.

We must love people, really love people.  We cannot let ourselves be manipulated for this does not promote love.  We must not let ourselves become stuck in a survival mode for this pushes the Spirit of God away.  We must not be chained by apathy or indifference.  The little ones need us to much for that.

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