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The Fifth Sunday of Lent

NIV John 12:7  “Leave her alone,” Jesus replied. “It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial.”

In our culture most people do not like talking about funerals, especially if they are in their early thirties.  This is why insurance marketers sell “life” insurance rather than death insurance which is what the product actually is.  As we get old and become more aware of our mortality we do sometimes think and even plan for the eventual reality.

In the passage above the inevitable is faced.  Mary knew Jesus would die and that she would care for his body.  How she knew this we are not told.  Perhaps it is because of what we are told in Luke 10:39:   Mary, who also sat at the Lord’s feet and was listening to what He said.  She listened.

Jesus knew that when he entered this world as God incarnate, God as human, he was coming to face death.  He knew that he would not grow old and die an easy death.  He knew he was walking into a realm in which the powers and principalities thought they were in control.  Jesus taught about the reality of his death and the promise of his resurrection.  Mary had taken appropriate measure to be ready.

But why did she use this valuable perfume now?  We are not told her the reason for he motive, but it is obvious the motive was one of love, appreciation, and a desire to make someone feel special.

We are very special to Jesus.  Jesus has proven this by the incarnation and his acceptance of the cross.  But how special is Jesus to us?  Is Jesus just special in our minds or is Jesus special in our acts and worship?

During Lent we do things to draw us nearer to our Lord.  We do thing to remind us of how and why he died.  In Lent we seek to walk with our Lord toward his destiny.  Hopefully during this time these events will motive us to do something special for him.  Hopefully out of love we will seek to give, support, tell, share, and generally move the priorities of our lives more toward our devotion to God and the perfection God calls us to seek.

As you worship on this Sunday, do something special for Jesus.

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