The Labyrinth is Coming Along

Last week I began to work on the prayer labyrinth at our church.  It is a work of love.  It is a holy work that blesses me with each brick that I place.  It is a time in which my mind is filled by songs of faIMAG0241ith, prayers, and hopes for how this ancient spiritual formation tool might help the members of our family of faith draw nearer to good.

Today I finished phase one.  The labyrinth itself is now ready to be walked.  Phase two will involve putting a cross in the center (I have already made the cross and hopefully will put in in on Friday), adding benches in the center and at the entrance, installing a lectern at the side in which to put Bible readings, and finally a shelf which will contain a couple of crucifiers (a cross to carry as one walks the labyrinth) and some stones (for carrying a burden to offer to God) to be used by those who walk the labyrinth.  

Phase three will be mounting the stained glass (plastic) panels on the fence and putting up some signs for information, guidance, and hopefully a name for the garden (I have a name in mind but I will need to check with the trustees and administrative council before I make it official).  I am also hoping to put some desert plants (cactus, etc,,) and a small “well” (a decorated cooler with bottled water inside) for those who need a drink while they walk.

I will be offering classes on using the labyrinth on Sunday nights and on selected mornings.  This is a spiritual tool I have used and been blessed by.   I am confident that other churches will come and walk our labyrinth as well.  God is so good!Prayer Labyrinth 

Labyrinth phase one is completed.

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