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My First Annual Conference

This past year has been a time of change.  It has been a wonderful, liberating change.  I feel the Lord has blessed me in so my ways.  I again feel the joy of ministry, the excitement of serving, and the presence of God in worship.  I could not be happier.

Yes, I understand it is not about my happiness but God’s glory that is the main purpose for my existence, but it is nice to humbly be thankful for the spiritual pleasure I feel.  I feel I have come to the place God had intended for me all along.  I feel I have come to a true home.

This last week I attended my first Annual Conference.  This is where my church membership now belongs.  I have a bishop who leads and supervises my ministry.  My bishop inspired me.  My bishop has a heart for this world.  My bishop desires to see people know and follow Jesus.  My bishop loves to sing, to pray, to preach and lead.  Again, I am blessed far more than I deserve.

My new community worships during conference.  In fact, it seemed like we spent more time worshiping than doing business.  When business was conducted there was no rancor or overt political activity but harmony.  The business of the church was transparent and accountability was paramount.

Is this perfect?  No, but we are moving toward perfection.  Are there struggles?  Yes, but because this is known we are prepared and determined to stay the course.

This is what I experienced at my first Annual Conference.

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