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The Joy of Committees

Yesterday was marathon committee day at church.  The meetings began at 2:30 PM and finished at 7 PM.  In this period of time I met with five different committees (thank goodness for OneNote that keeps me organized).

Who is to blame for this marathon of meetings, this congregation of committees?  Well, I am to blame.  I schedule these marathon meeting days so that we are not having committee meetings every Sunday afternoon (especially during football season).

And while I finished the day in a rather blissful exhaustion, I also finished the day with a great sense of satisfaction.  The satisfaction came for what was accomplished by the members of the committees and teams that I met with.  Plans were made, problems were solved and possibilities  were explored by people who want to see our church live out its mission to make disciples and to have an impact for the Lord on our community.

We did not have a single meaningless meeting.  Every minute was used as a positive progress toward ministry.  There was laughter, fellowship, fun and creative cooperation.  It was a joy and privileged to work with the laity leaders of this church.

Committee meetings may be a drudgery for some but as for me and my house they are a joy in our serving the Lord.

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