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Friends, Fellowship and Faith

Juanell and I just returned from a wonderful fellowship at the Rock Hotel put on by Joyce Carbery.  There is no doubt that Joyce has the spiritual gift and social desire to create hospitality.  I have so enjoyed the gatherings she puts together.

Would it not be wonderful if somehow we could take Joyce’s gift and somehow apply it to our Sunday School or find a way to use it to create small groups within our church that would  meet on a regular basis for the purpose of Bible Study and  spiritual formation?   Just think of what might be accomplished if we could create an atmosphere in which people made an effort to come and enjoy each other and grow in their relationship with Jesus! 

We cannot make clones of Joyce (a pastor’s dream) to do this for us, but we can develop a desire like she has for seeing people gather and enjoying one another.  I wonder what amazing blessings we might see if five or six people realized they do not have to have permission to create these fellowships (in fact they will find they have a pastor who will do everything He possible can to help them) and spread this Spirit of hospitality in our church.  I know we would see more people becoming active in worship.  I know we would see more people being baptized and yes, we would see more people discovering the love of the Lord we worship. 

That is what is so nice about the beginning of a new year.  We can dream. 

Thank you Joyce for the invitation to your gathering.  It was a blessing.

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