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Perspsective and Predicaments

This is the second time I have tried to post this blog.  I will learn not to use the WordPress App – it seemingly is demon possessed. 

Not only have I had a hard time with the blog app, it is cold, I have been sick, and I did my taxes today only to find out I am in debt to the IRS.  This makes for not the best of mental states (word of advice, don’t do your taxes when you are sick unless you know you are going to get a refund).  Still, I am trying to maintain the “in all things give thanks” mindset I know I should possess.

I am reflecting on the Gospel passage I will be bringing a message on this Sunday.  It is a passage that could create a lot of predicaments.  It is a passage in which one could easily slip into legalism if one is not careful.  It is a passage that speaks to murder and anger, to adultery and lust, to sin and self-mutilation, to divorce and adultery and to oaths and swearing.  Oh, and I must not forget the influence of the evil one.

This is the kind of passage that could make one wonder if Jesus was having a bad day. 

But, what if this passage is viewed from a different perspective than judgments and warnings.  Why are these things issues in the human experience?  Why would anyone end up near to them?  Jesus did not come to judge but to guide.  Is there a message of guidance in these words?  I believe there is.

I am already feeling better about being sick, it being cold, and owing taxes.

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