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The Labyrinth and Weeds

As Winter grudgingly begins to give way to Spring those problematic, opportunistic weeds begin popping up just where you don’t want them to do so.  Last week I notice that  there was a full scale weed attack going on in our church labyrinth.  Something needed to be done.

So today, my wife and I loaded up our rake, hoe, and sprayer of Roundup and set out to do battle with the weeds.  When we got to the labyrinth was I was stunned to see that the weeds had doubled since last week.  We had a job on our hands.

We decided the best way to approach this task was to follow the path of the labyrinth.  So step by step, turn by turn, weed by weed we began to clear the labyrinth of the infestation.  We would take turns at hoeing, raking, sweeping, pulling and other tasks related to our work.   It was work, hard work, but since we followed the path of the labyrinth we were able to see the efforts of our work emerge in a beautiful and graceful way.  The results allowed us to see a contrast between where we had been and where we were going.  It also let us know this task had an end goal that we would soon realize.

The labyrinth is a tool for reflection.  It is a tool the offers us a way to reflect on our journeys in this life.  Many times our particular life path gets infested with weeds; weeds of worry, weeds of want, weeds of waste, weeds of weariness.  These weeds can distract and depress.  Still they are weeds and weeds can be overcome.  Working at removing these distractions and hindrances can take time.  We do not have to work alone.  Our Lord is more than willing to work with us.  The Holy Spirit is more than willing to guide us step by step and help us to see where we have been and where we are going.  All it takes is for us to decide, “Something needs to be done.”

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